Community-Oriented Research in Visual Anthropology
A Century After Nanook

A Century After Nanook

This documentary project is telling the story of Nanook of the North through the perspectives of the Inuit from Inukjuak, Nunavik, Canada -- the village where it was filmed from August 1920 to July 1921. Albeit often staged,Nanookwas the first significant non-fiction film ever released. Its immediate success added a new category to the domain of motion pictures -- the documentary. A Century After Nanook, revisits the iconic film on its 100th anniversary. In July 2020, camera equipment was shipped to the community so they could begin filming in August. This process is allowing the Inuit to tell their story, from both sides of the lens, about the impact Nanookhad on their community. Furthermore, through a combination of archival footage from 1920-21, interviews with local inhabitants and climate change scientists, and through a process of co-production, we are investigating the drastic environmental and cultural changes that have taken place in the region over the last 100 years

The short clip produced for the Nanook centennial event on June 11, 2022, was an official selection at the Quetzalcoatl International Indigenous Film Festival in Mexico in March 2023.

image of a poster from the re-release of Nanook of the North